About e-Science Central

e-Science Central is a Cloud-based Platform for Data Analysis.  It supports secure storage, sharing and analysis of data. Users can design and run workflows to analyse data. These are composed of blocks which can be written in a variety of languages, including …

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The easiest way to get started with e-Science Central is probably by using the Docker images that we provide. The three main components of e-Science Central are available as separate pre-built containers which can be deployed in your Docker cluster. …

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The Long Tail of Science

Simon Woodman presented e-Science Central and how it can benefit the Long Tail of Science at the RCUK Cloud Working Group Workshop in London.  Earlier in the day there had been presentations from CERN, The Sanger Institute and other users who …

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API Reference Manual

A Manual describing the e-Science Central API is available.

e-Science Central is Open Source

We are very happy to announce that e-Science Central has been released to the Open Source community under a GPLv2 license.  Head over to our BitBucket page to download the source to an install on your own hardware.  We’ll be …

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Provenance Component Published

The e-Science Central team presented the first version of the Workflow Provenance Component at WORKS 11.  The component allows viewing of the history of an artifact (data, image, etc.) in terms of which workflow blocks and data artifacts have been …

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Best Paper at IEEE Cloud Com 2011

We are delighted to announce that Paul Watson’s paper A Multi-Level Security Model for Partitioning Workflows over Federated Clouds has been awarded the Best Paper award at the IEEE Cloud Com 2011.

Cloud Futures 2011

Paul Watson presented e-Science Central at the Microsoft Cloud Futures conference in Redmond last week. “The Cloud Futures Workshop series brings together thought leaders from academia, industry, and government to discuss the role of cloud computing across a variety of …

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Maven Workflow Blocks

It is now possible to create workflow blocks from an Apache Maven project using your favourite IDE and then upload them automatically into e-Science Central.  These instructions assume that you’re comfortable running command line applications but there are equivalent methods …

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Developing Workflow Blocks for e-Science Central

Workflow blocks in e-Science Central can currently be written in Java, R or Octave.  To get started, log in and click on the Code link in e-Science Central then follow the wizard to create R, Octave or Javascript blocks.  There …

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