Provenance Component Published

The e-Science Central team presented the first version of the Workflow Provenance Component at WORKS 11.  The component allows viewing of the history of an artifact (data, image, etc.) in terms of which workflow blocks and data artifacts have been involved in its creation.  Further, users can choose to recreate the artifact having updated each workflow block to the latest version.  There are two uses for this: firstly,  if a bug is found in a workflow block, we can automatically regenerate affected data and compare it to the original version.  Secondly, we can generate dynamic workflows to process new data within our Drug Discovery work.

S. Woodman, H. Hiden, P. Watson,  P. Missier Achieving Reproducibility by Combining Provenance with Service and Workflow VersioningIn: The 6th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science. 2011, Seattle

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