There are many aspects to e-Science Central, and publications focusing on them are described in the sections below. However, good places to start are:

H. Hiden, S. Woodman, P. Watson, J. Cala. Developing cloud applications using the e-science central platformRoyal Society of London. Philosophical Transactions A. Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 2013,371(1983), 20120085.

S. Woodman, H. Hiden, P.Watson. Applications of provenance in performance prediction and data storage optimisation. Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier, January 2017.


To cite the provenance capture, storage and visualisation, please use one of the following

P. Missier, S. Woodman,  H. Hiden, P. Watson. Provenance and data differencing for workflow reproducibility analysisConcurrency and Computation: Practice & Experience, March 2013.

S. Woodman, H. Hiden, P. Watson,  P. Missier Achieving Reproducibility by Combining Provenance with Service and Workflow VersioningIn: The 6th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science. 2011, Seattle


Details of our work on security, workflow partitioning and executing workflows between cloud providers

P. Watson, A Multi-Level Security Model for Partitioning Workflows over Federated Clouds, IEEE CloudCom 2011 (3rd International Conference on Cloud Computing technology and Science)

An extended version was published in: Journal of Cloud Computing: Advances, Systems and Applications 2012, 1:15


Much of our work has focussed on the scalability of cloud applications applications

J. Cała, H. Hiden, P. Watson, S. Woodman. Cloud Computing for Fast Prediction of Chemical Activity. Future Generation Computer Systems, (2013).

H. Hiden, S. Woodman, P. Watson, M. Catt, M. Trenell and S. Zhang. Improving the scalability of movement monitoring workflows: An architecture for the integration of the Hadoop File System into e-Science Central. Proceedings of 1st Conference on Digital Research, Oxford, September 2012.

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Other miscellaneous papers

H. Hiden, S.Woodman, P.Watson. Prediction of workflow execution time using provenance traces: Practical applications in medical data processing. 12th International IEEE Conference on e-Science. Baltimore, ML. October 2016.

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